To Endure, We Must Defend

"ImageOne would think the challenges presented in transition would be enough. I don't think it's necessary to go into the day to day challenges of those who are transitioning, many or you are already aware of that. It is when those challenges are added to by personal attacks that articles such as this become necessary. It would appear from those less familiar with the community dynamics that the greatest detraction would come from the outside. It may surprise many that the transgender community's greatest detraction is from within. There are those who reside within your very own ranks that want to see you destroyed for having had to endure the strains of your transition. Now we wil see that two of those detractors have gone very public.

ImageThis is exactly why the TIME movement was founded. We as a community are being called to defend against a movememt from within that is specifically engineered to propagate innuendo, to misrepresent the community in the eyes of the unfamiliar public, and to destroy lives that have been enriched, and dare I say completed with transition. The actions of this destructive movement are intolerable,and they are dangerous. Misinformation doesn't save lives, it ends them. Innuendo does not promote progress, it stifles it. It is time to call leaders of this community to unite in this place to provide education. They are called to relate their own personal experiences in their given professions, and they are called to show the world how vital it is to propagate facts, and support those who have not yet begun the process of transition.