Trans-Couple Denounces Being Transgender and Aligns With Anti-Trans Group TERF and a Convicted Pedophile

ImageThe transgender community recently has become the target of hatred and anger but who these attacks are coming from may surprise you and who they have chosen to align themselves with will literally shock you!!! It's coming from a transgender couple Mark Angelo Cummings and Lynna Arielle Lopez. Mark is an unemployed 51 year old Trans man and Lynna a 45 year old unemployed Trans woman both are currently living in an RV somewhere in New Mexico and have a podcast called Transition Radio. The show was created and started by Mark and his ex-wife Jessica Cummings a 41 year old Trans woman. The show was meant to be a positive outlet for the transgender community but has since turned very negative according to Ms. Cummings and other advocates in the community. I spoke with Ms. Cummings and she stated on the record that she left Mark due to his aggressive and abusive behavior towards her she continued to say. "Ever since I left him and cut all ties he has seemed to slowly spiral into a different kind of crazy from what others have approached me with."

Mark and Lynna made a public announcement stating they were taking their shows into a new direction of transition basically talking more about fitness, health, spirituality, and the transition of the ever evolving world as we know it. They started to steer away from doing any shows that correlated or involved transgender people which was the entire basis the show seemed to be created around and based on said one advocate for trans rights. That was short lived and they then attempted to take the show into a much more controversial direction and it is apparent this new direction of the shows somehow led them to a path of destruction and hatred towards the very community they once thrived and lived in. They hit upon a topic in a vile fashion with their very first show which struck a nerve within the transgender community. The show was about Trans Youth and puberty blockers utilizing right wing conservative and TERF analytics and articles to get the message out they began their subtle attacks. In the same show they started attacking trans parents claiming they should be charged with child abuse for allowing their children to live in the gender role the child feels they are. They then continued to further expand their attacks to face book posts and more.

ImageThey saw this got a lot of attention from this show and then started utilizing the show as a platform to attack the transgender community. These attacks from both Mark and Lynna is what sparked a fire that rapidly grew into an inferno within the community. Apparently the idea of bad publicity is still publicity backfired and cost Mark all of his sponsors, supporters, and advertisers of the show and website. They then decided it would be a good idea to go on the attack against the transgender community and parents and their trans children on social media. They even went as far as bullying a 16 year old trans teen and his mother on Face book, the social media giant, along with a TERF associate of Marks named Charlotte Schnook. Charlotte has a YouTube channel under the name Skeptical Char. According to her video content she can certainly be classified as a radical feminist. Charlotte has been quite public in her support and endorsment of the work Mark and Lynna have done. Charlotte's posts can be found on numerous posts on youtube belonging to Mark and Lynna. We invite Charlotte to stop by and give her take on Mark's new partnership with a convicted child molester.

ImageThis battle with the trans community has been going on for a few weeks now and with every new status Mark or Lynna post more of their following continues to drop and people start distancing themselves from both of these individuals. Well needless to say the TERFs (Transgender Exclusive Radical Feminists) is a group of radical feminists led by Linda Shanko aka Gallus Mags who runs the Wordpress site Gendertrender. These Radical Feminists seemed to pick up the video almost immediately after it aired and they started publicizing it. They seemed to take Mark under their wing but were very openly hateful towards Lynna. Mark showed no combative intentions with these radical feminists even though they were ripping his partner apart like a pack of wolves on a sheep! Mark even went to the point of begging them to accept Lynna and referred to Lynna in a comment or two as he. Lynna decided to publicize a very private email she sent to her children and also in that same post she added a groveling plea for acceptance from these Radical Feminists.

ImageMark and Lynna attempt to publically apologize for their actions towards the community on face book and when the community decided it would not behoove anyone to accept that apology, well the anger escalated once again from Mark and Lynna now idly threatening the community. Lynna posts a status referring to the trans community getting ready to go through the eye of a hurricane and to quote Mark saying "he helped create this community and he would now pull the plug on it." We should probably follow up on this a couple of months from now and ask them how that all worked out for them. This was now their chance to turn everything around and dramatically play the victim and start with the ploy they are now being attacked for their views and opinions. It is pretty evident these are not at all opinions or views pertaining to the pharmaceuticals in which they are talking about and misinforming people about. These are Marks authoritative words according to him because he has claimed to be a medical professional. Ms. Cummings confirmed his medical experience for us which is that of an Occupational Therapist which does not certify him to give medical advice on a doctor's level. Ms. Cummings also stated he let his license expire in 2014. We decided to check into this and found she was correct according to our search indicated his license in Florida and New Mexico showed it was indeed expired.

ImageAngered even further Mark and Lynna then reach out to an individual who runs a blog called NGBLOG which coincides with his name and stands for Nelson Garcia's Blog. The community saw the article Garcia wrote about them on his blog showing sympathy towards Mark's and Lynna's claims of them being attacked in an attempt to silence them from their right of free speech and I can say from what I have seen their free speech seems more like hate speech in my opinion. The article is entitled There's Tension and Hostility Under the Transgender Umbrella. In this article Garcia claims to have contacted some pretty big networks in the mainstream to try and get them an appearance on these shows. An advocate in the trans community saw this posted and she mentioned Garcia had a dirty shady past which prompted a group of activists to research Garcia's credibility and what they discovered was shocking. They found this person was under investigation for grooming an underage boy online Nelson's grooming tactics were recorded, and verified. You see, little did Garcia know that this under age boy he sent 100s of pictures of other young prepubescent boys engaging in sexual acts and poses with other prepubescent boys and grown men was actually an undercover police detective in New Hampshire. That detective was pretending to be a 14 year old boy collecting evidence to build a case against Garcia. It wasn't until Garcia sent what he thought was an underage boy a DVD containing child pornography and pictures of himself did the detective have enough evidence to contact the NYPD and gave the case to them and NYPD obtained a search warrant for Garcia's residence and they seized his computer along with numerous pictures and videos of pornography showing young under age boys performing sexual acts on adult men and with each other. Garcia was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison and required to register as a sex offender with the New York's Criminal Justice Department. .

I know everyone is wondering who will Mark, Lynna, TERFs, Linda Shanko, and Nelson Garcia get into bed with next to get their messages of hate and destruction out there. We can now see with all of the evidence above they are all so passionate and have the children's best interests at heart and will go to any lengths to protect them or is it any length for publicity. I guess the trans community has left these individuals no choice but to bring their child expert into the loop. All I can say is the authorities need to be keeping very close tabs on these individuals and start considering the fact that they are all operating under a cult mentality and code of conduct, which can be very dangerous.