T-I-M-E Welcomes Jennifer Thompson to the site!

ImageHello, everyone! I am Jennifer B. Thompson, Adjunct Professor of History at California State University, Fullerton. I am currently transitioning into the female I know I am within. Ever since the murder of Aniya Parker on Oct. 2, 2014, I have felt compelled to take an active role in the transgender (trans) rights movement. There are two unacceptable scenarios that need to be shifted to the dustbin of history. First, far too few people possess even a basic understanding of the term "transgender," let alone the impact of gender dysphoria on and societal attitudes and practices towards the trans individual. Secondly, some reject the view that we (by reason of our humanity) possess basic rights, to the extreme of denying our right to exist! I am trying to disseminate the perspective that trans rights are human rights, the dismissal of which is a violation of America's core values of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I maintain this regardless of one's self-designation (cross-dresser, trans, transsexual, post-op, queer, gender non-conforming, etc.). I also endeavor to inform the larger world about the significant, diverse contributions trans people have made and make to the world, to "typify" trans and highlight common ground between trans people and the rest of humanity. Although all aspects of the transgender world fascinate me, two fields in particular hold my interest: transgender people and higher education, and trans as connected with civil rights issues (access to public accommodations, etc.) In solidarity with all who support the trans rights movement!

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