The Greatest Protection Children Have Is Their Own Voice.

From time to time we wake up in the morning to find that finally something has gone right. Such was the case when I was informed the Gavin has won his appeal. It is significant not only in Gavin's case, but much as Gavin found, the court victory has worldwide implications. Gavin's Victory came at a time when the governor of North Carolina is beginning to see the consequence of having signed one of the most irresponsible pieces of legislation in the history of government.

Gavin's case is significant in that it lends to the credence of the victories that are being seen Nationwide and worldwide. For all of the crying out the conservative right has been doing, they failed to realize that this is not just about adults. There is one segment of society that has been the most constructive in swaying political policy. And that segment is youth under 18 years of age. Gavin's case exemplifies the progress that is made when children become involved in the political process. We have all become acutely familiar with the battle-cry "protect our children, don't let men in bathrooms with our daughters". That defense has been weakened to the point of shattering under its own weight.

Gavin is one youth among many who has stepped up to the plate and had a major impact on not just political legislation but also cultural change just 15 years ago it was hardly conceivable that a child would appear on television and tell a story about the challenges of having to deal with a transition. That all changed when another audacious Trans child, Jazzy Jennings, not only stepped up to do an interview with Oprah Winfrey, but she followed up with her authoring of a book.


One young man who found out the hard way just how badly conservatives want his gender is 16 year old Maryland youth James VK who attended a Ted Cruz rally and was laughed at and thrown out because he is transgender. It is stories and situations like this that lead me to press on with the work that I've been doing, and lead the conservatives launch ever more brutal campaigns against children. Even as they tout their intent to protect children they continue to vilify them.

This lack of empathy has become rampant within the conservative ranks. In their attempt to vilify adult transgender people they were quite okay with sweeping transgender children Into The fray. This is in stark contrast to their campaign mottos of protecting children. If this is how they treat transgender children at a rally, I cannot begin to imagine the sheer inhumanity the transgender children will be treated with if this candidate becomes president of the United States.

The Ted Cruz staff have shown their true intentions vilifying anyone, even children, who don't fit the preconceived notion. It is for this reason that we as a community, and we as a nation, must continue to be involved in the political process. It is also the significance of making absolutely sure that children are involved in the political process.

To truly garner an appreciation for the powerful impact that children can have on public policy we need to step back just a little bit further take a slightly wider look beyond the fight that the transgender community have been engaged in. Slightly more than a year ago I had the privilege of doing so in person. While in Boise on other business, I attended a rally held by state representative Ilana Rubel (D)Idaho. She had just sponsored 2015 HB246. The bill was the reaction to bullying reaching epidemic proportions in Idaho. Having attended the rally, I was unable to stay for testimony due to time constraints. I had written a speech for the testimony with the intention of delivering it. Time constraints being what they were, I was not able to deliver the speech. I handed that speech to a young man in attendance at the rally. That young man, Jacob Giffin, delivered the speech. The results you see below are the most powerful credence to involving youth in the political process.

If there is one fact they remain steadfastly clear it is that we as adults will inhabit this Earth but for a limited time. In that time all of us as adults have the great responsibility representing our children with the greatest protection possible. That protection is education. We must instill in our children the value that all human life is precious, and that the greatest defense humanity has to offer is the powerful presence of a child.

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