When Insulting Everyone Around You Becomes A Professional Qualification

From time to time we are compelled to go back in history and review in an attempt to understand the events of that history as they occurred. It is from these historical events that we learn. The events of history are predicated not just on what is done but what is not done. Historical events can be steered by who is paid attention to. They can also be steered with greater intensity by those were not paid attention to. The concept is being seen in its greatest contrast right here in the trans community today. While the most visible portion of the attack against this community is from the FRC, the ADF, and the religious right, there is a greater assault on this community from within. It is becoming increasingly popular among those who have transitioned to launch assaults against those who are currently in transition. The greatest measure of a community, or a nation, is its resolve to defend itself. Many of us who have served in the armed forces are familiar with the phrase "all aggressors foreign and domestic" .that is a phrase that applies not only to a nation but also to this community. The most heinous act of violence one can commit against a fellow is the watch that fellow being attacked, and do nothing in defense of that fellow.

As a publisher, I find that I am being asked more and more if Mark and Lynna deserve attention. To that I can only reply "As long as they continue their assaults, yes they do."

I can understand where one could easily perceive this article is simply another article about Mark & Lynna. That is a perception that is not lost on me this article goes way beyond that. This article harkens to the defence of work that has been done by many of us over the years. It harkens to the defence of this community against a man who is transitioned, and then seeks to garner attention by destroying the work of those of us who have dedicated our lives to seeking equality for those who previously did not experience that equality.

Mark has demonstrated by a pattern of behaviour that his sole regard is his own self-serving interests. Mark has clearly stated in public forum that his lust for attention will be fulfilled at any price. That price includes the lives of others, and Mark has clearly demonstrated that as well. On Mark's discovery that a trans woman had committed suicide, Mark immediately seized the opportunity to publish damning comments. That is a behavior that this publisher will not ignore.

In order to achieve his objective, Mark has developed partnerships with many who are diametrically opposed to the concept of transition. To fulfill his lust for the destruction of transgender community lives, Mark has consecrated Partnerships with the likes of Cathy Brennan, Nelson Garcia, Lynn M Baker, and Linda Shanko. While Mark can easily be seen as "looking stupid", what is not so easily seen is that that is Mark's intention. Mark's continuing to engage in a behavior of looking foolish in the presence of those groups opposed to the trans community in an effort to demonstrate that all the trans community looks foolish.

ImageEven as they purport that gender cannot change, Mark and Lynna make a move to prove themselves wrong. In a move that would fly in the face of Cathy Brennan, the woman who Mark and Lynna claim to espouse, mark addresses Lynna as Mrs Cummings. Lynna's responce is that "she likes how that sounds". Would Cathy Brennan like how that sounds? Would it come as a surprise to Cathy that Lynna has "co-opted the female gender"? Personally I find it not surprising at all that Lynna would exempt herself from their standing policy that "there is no transgender, and men should be addressed as men, or the male pronoun, regardless of presentation". I got curious as to how Linda Shanko would respond. As of press time, there was no response. Did Mark and Lynna win some kind of immunity in exchange for their espousing of TERF doctrine? While they are not the only ones who have crawled to the feet of those like Cathy Brennan and Linda Shanko, they are the most public ones. Mark's media presentations are dedicated to espousing TERF doctrine, over and over again. I have yet to find anywhere in any of their publications where they get to invoke the privilege of "proper gender pronoun appropriation" where everyone else has to stick to a rigid policy of only the pronoun of their natal gender.

Image One of Mark's favourite ploys is to diagnose himself with some kind of medical condition, or cultural phenomenon. One of the big additions Mark diagnosed himself with his Asperger's. In his haste to diagnose himself with his condition, Mark failed to do his research. Mark shows no symptoms of Asperger's Mark also argues that he is intersexed. When challenged on this argument but cannot produce any record or document showing that he has any chromosome phenomenon. Mark has also made a new fashion of declaring himself to be descended from the Tahino tribe of Cuba. Apparently and Mark Hasty research of the Tahino tribe of Cuba, it escaped him that the Tahino tribe does not exist anywhere. You see, there is a taino tribe. The tribe is represented both in Cuba and in Puerto Rico. Mark also failed to realize that spelling the name of the tribe "TAHINO" is derogatory. While claiming ancestry in the tahino tribe, are also claims himself to be Hispanic. Anyone who truly descended from the Taino tribe would have enough common sense to not identify as Hispanic also. It appears that Mark has no problem insulting and slandering a totally innocent third party in order to propel his agenda, and win himself some space in the media. Rest assured Mark does not stop their Mark also has a propensity to insult those who have Down syndrome, or any other kind of chromosome phenomenon that presents itself in physical alteration or limitation.

Image Mark's efforts have not gone unnoticed. Mark has succeeded in garnering followers who picked up on his pattern of making himself available for exploitation and they have taken him up on his offer. Even as Mark has lowered the bar by targeting children in his attempts to exploit so his followers have followed suit with their own efforts to exploit children to see their own personal gain achieved. To the left is an exerpt from Lynn M Baker,from Flynt, Michigan who identifies herself as "Dirty White Boi". Because of her inflammatory posts towards the trans community, and in particular TWOC, she prefers not to mention her real name in public forum. In an expression of her "white pride", Lynn takes the liberty of making assumptions as to why those born natally male transition to a female presentation. Lynn M Baker has some especially choice words for those of minority, who she states as a fact that they "can't measure up, so they turn to prostitution,pump parties, this sort of thing".Among other activities that Lynn is known to engage in, one of her more popular activities is the doxxing of transmen and transwomen. It is interesting to note that her website and the name "dirtywhiteboi" are keywords for hate sites for many corporate firewalls. Companies protected with such firewalls as Symantec will block her URLs. On the left we see that Lynn has no problem advocating for violence also. Here she posts publicly that she has keyed a woman's car for "taking her man." In spite of her tout of lesbianism, it appears she likes her sexual gratification in both flavors. she did not get the memo that lesbians do not "have men". Are these voices of reason? Are these voices that should be entrusted to dispense advice on such matters as raising children, complying with the law, an establishing a responsible and ordered Society? Hardly! in fact these are voices you should listen to if you intend to live a life of destruction or you intend to run afoul the law. this is all sound advice you should take if you want to do a long stretch in a federal penitentiary. Even the NCLR had to block Lynn from their website because she continued to harass them and intimidate them. I don't know how it is that you can be too lesbian even for lesbians, but Lynn Baker pulled that off. Cathy Brennan herself has engaged in the behavior of attacking children by expressing "her concern" in ad hominem attacks against those children. In an interview done recently by another publication Cathy made an attempt to invalidate the transition of one child by stating a commonly used pet phrase. In that interview Cathy alluded to the ideation that the words of a child are invalid. It is Cathy's view that any child that states that he or she is in great pain, that statement should be ignored, or discounted as the musings of a child.

What seems to escape Cathy's mind is context. Cathy has stated her opinion that context does not seem to matter without context, a child stating that they want to be a giraffe would indeed be the same as a child saying he or she wants to be the opposite gender. In the very same lack of context, a child committing suicide would be the same as a child scraping their knee. This is the very concept that did not escape the mother of a 14 year old child who made the very statement when that child was 5. It was because that concept did not escape that mother that that very same child is now 14 years old and still very much alive and thriving. It also seems to escape Mark and Lynna that the 14 year old child I referred to has made public statements that this is her transition, not her Mother's or Father's. The very statement that the child should have been restricted from her current care is ludicrous at best, and potentially lethal at worst.

It is interesting to note that one of Mark's most vocal supporters is his own wife, Lynna. Even as Lynna transitioned, she continues to be vocal with the opinion that no one else should transition. For whatever reason she has to think that her transition would be the only successful transition. she also takes great joy in the masochistic activity of allowing Mark to force her to present her from time to time in masculine form.

Lynna is an interesting story on to her own. While Lynna purports to care for children, it has been demonstrated in public forum that Lynna has five children on her own that she is alienated from. This creates the interesting dilemma in that how can Lynna care for the children of other parents when she cannot care for her own. Lynna has proven herself to not be the sterling example of a parent, but has rather shown herself to be an object lesson in how to alienate yourself from your children. While many of those who have transitioned have been able to maintain relationships with their children, Luna feels it sufficient to Simply tell her children in her public post that she loves them from time to time, occasionally naming those children one by one. In multiple public post, Lynna has been described by those who know her as a narcissistic self-centred individual who cares nothing for her family. And yet in her public statements continues to describe children as "our precious children". By all appearances the sole value that Lynna sees in any child is the opportunity to exploit that child for her own personal gain. Lynna has demonstrated that repeatedly by bringing the name of a high-profile transgender child into her public statements. This behaviour can be seen as no better than their publishing partner, Nelson Garcia, who, in public forum, has stated that child porn is a victimless crime. Nelson has also been identified as a blogger who has made statements in opposition of tougher penalties for those convicted of molesting children. Nelson himself did time for possession of child porn, and transmission of porn to a child. While on a webcam session with someone he thought was an underage child, Nelson exposed his genitals to a law enforcement officer. There is no accounting for intelligence in this crew. It is alleged that pervertedjustice.com has record of Nelson's chat logs, as that is where the investigation originated. I am still looking into that, and if those records appear, rest assured I will be posting them here.

These two are simply not simply the bane of the existence of the trans community, Their targets are certainly not simply trans people. Mark has an open forum attack the credentials of a medical doctor, stating that because he has no belief in modern medicine that the doctor's credentials were void. The only credential that Mark considered valid is the credential that the State of Florida considers expired and void. Mark continues to rely repeatedly on his expired credential as an occupational therapist. As it is supposed that his credential as an occupational therapist holds credence over the credential of a medical doctor. When I challenged Mark on his credentials, his response was to hurl insults and slurs at me. Let's watch a shining example of how Mark replies when he is asked about his credentials. The video starts at a point where Lynna is reading my reply to Mark's opinion piece on New York Times website.