Errol Mcinnes, Founder Of

ImageI am compelled to start this letter with a quote from the greatest arbiter of peace in the history of mankind. Mahatma Ghandi once stated "Bullies: first they ignore you. Next they laugh at you, then they fight you. Then you have won." I have experienced that in many facets of my own life, and I have seen the transgender community experience that very same history. The history of the transgender community includes three of those states, and those stages have drawn the course of the history of the community. It is these common histories that drew me into the common course of this community. I have watched silently as this community made progress, and as it suffered setbacks. I watched silently as the community was largely ignored some 4 decades ago, and I witnessed the evolution of the community as it became acceptable and then popular, to laugh at this community. As time progressed, it became clear that the community also progressed, and that progression evolved into detractors beginning to fight this community. It was at that point that I could no longer sit silently.

ImageAs such, the primary result of my refusal to be silent is the release of this website. Obviously it is in it's infancy, and it's growth depends not on me, but on you, the readers, and the contributors to make this site succeed. We as a collective can no longer sit silent, as our detractors have made decisions that compell us to speak, and to take action. In recent months there are those who would wish to impede the movement of the transgender community by publishing misinformation, innuendo, and damning propaganda. In reply to that action, I have introduced the TIME (Trans Inclusive Moderate Empathetic) movement. In recent past I have referenced the TIME movement in vague posts on social media. Now is the time for me to be crystal clear. the TIME movement. Those of us who have followed the history of the transgender community have watched as many have transitioned and gone on to succeed. Many of us have also watched as some of our peers were not so fortunate. While some lives have carried on successfully, other lives have ended tragically. It is in the spirit of all of those lives that the TIME movement becomes a significant part of the modern history of the transgender community. It is in that spirit that I call upon those who have attained positions of leadership to gather each other, and gather fellow members of this community in an organized manner to carry on this most crucial turning point in the history of this community.

Image "A stagehand is a person who works backstage or behind the scenes in theatres, film, television, or location performance. Their work include setting up the scenery, lights, sound, props, rigging, and special effects for a production."

The very definition strikes home with me here at This is not my movement. I am merely that stagehand. I have erected the scaffolds, and I have assembled the platforms. The lights are up, and the sound checks are done. It is time for the performers to take the stage. being that stagehand, it is time for me to think about the other stages that must be built. I see the crowds gathering, and I see the performers coming out of the green room. My hands are blistered and my knees ache. I will be gradually becomign more silent, as this concert winds up. I will still be here, asleep somewhere in a trailer in the back lot. Meanwhile, on with the show.