One of Fallon's visions becomes reality with the TIME movement!

 Another powerful introduction to another powerful member of the TIME movement, we welcome Fallon Fox. Fallon is one of the co founders of the TIME movement. Long before this website was produced, Fallon challenged me with the question "what can we do?" Fallon has been inspirational in my developent of this site, and of the associated groups on social media. In as much as Fallon has been a huge asset in the professional sports arena, she has also been very active in the forward progress of trans incusive rights. Fallon is actually the TI part of the movement, I ended up adding the ME later. We welcome Fallon Fox to

Fallon's interview on CTV News Channel

 Fallon discusses the obstacles she has had to overcome with transition, MMA fighting, and her role as a community leader, and her positive presence in the community. While the interviewer addresses her as an activist "of sorts", rest assured the "of sorts" days are over. Fallon has indeed placed herself in the annuls of activism history with the co founding of this site and of the TIME movement. We here at time are proud to serve the trans community and to work with Fallon in the pursuit of her passion, and the passions of all of us here at TIME.