Conservative Policy Is Collapsing Fast.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom website the Family research council's mission is to advance faith, family and freedom in public policy and the culture from a Christian worldview. According to the Family Research Council, the world would be a perfect place if every single person in the world were heterosexual, cisgender, Christian, Republican, and Married With Children.

This presents a problem in that they have just placed themselves in the minority. When screening out those who are undesirable to the FRC, we find that there are literally not many people left. Specific to their activism regarding gender Peter Sprigg continues to tout The Gospel According to Kenneth Zuker, who's medieval practices got him fired from CAMH in Canada.

Zuker's standard has been replaced by a more Moderate approach, and a more effective one. Doctors like Jo Olson Kennedy and Norman Spack have seen far more successful results in treating the condition rather than denying its existence.


It must be noted that it is not only doctors who are illuminating a new treatment course. Another great educator is Aiden Kennedy, who's courageous video journey that documented his transition led to a whole new realm of realization of the transgender journey. Dr Olson and Mr Kennedy would later marry and are currently in practice together.

Peter Sprigg has taken a great interest of late in those who are transitioning in their youth. There is one very simple reason that he is. Children are transitioning at earlier and earlier ages. This presents a twofold problem. The world is seeing those transitions as successes the world is also saying that those transitions invalidate pretty much everything that Kenneth Zuker had to say.

The FRC presents a clear and more present danger what they're misinformation regarding absence. In 2007 and 2008 there were two articles produced by the family research Council regarding the greater need for abstinence. They found their abstinence hero in the face of Bristol Palin. That all worked out until it was disclosed that while Bristol Palin was making a great deal of money preaching on abstinence she became pregnant with her first child. Even as she continued on her course of promoting abstinence, she became pregnant with her second child. With that event Bristol Palin became the poster child for the family research council's hypocrisy as opposed to being a model of their values. The affore mentioned articles, while still linked on the FRC website, were discreetly removed from the site. Even those of moderate view are beginning to see the FRC as the "old boys club" setting values that everybody but the FRC should adhere to.

To get a sense of where we are today it is necessary to take a look back only a few short years ago. The video below was produced by Peter Sprigg approximately 6 years ago and was widely regarded at that time to be one of the most legitimate sources of information and policy formation. Only a few short years later with nearly every single one of his references be discredited by both medical science and today's modern standard of political policy making.

The shift in paradigm harkens not only to the professionals who have treated those in transition, but to those who had the courage to endure the hardships of transition while being so vehemently opposed. It is through their courage and their endurance in their endeavor to cut the path that those behind them can safely traverse.

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