T-I-M-E Welcomes Christiana Reagan to the site!

This introduction is perhaps one of the most powerful and moving intros to TIME I Have made. Christiana Reagan has stepped up in a field of activism that strikes close to home with me, and I am sure with us all. I have been active in anti bullying causes ever since I was a young teen, and was persistently bullied myself. The times changed dramatically since those days, and so has bullying. The shoving and the fists of so many years ago have been replaced with social media and emails. The consequence has been devastating. The scourge of teen trans suicide weighs heavily on us all, and yet there are those out there who insist on trying to drive up those numbers by bullying others into committing suicide. The threat is very real, and the statistics are grim. Every effort needs to be nade to stem the tide of suicide, and Christiana has kicked off her initiative to do so.

Many of you who are personally involved with the TIME movement have found yourselves written in the chapters of history. you did so by exercising perseverance, temperance, and moderation. You made history by simply living your lives and achieving goals in your lives that many cis community members would find it challenging if not impossible to achieve without the rigours of transition. It is your voices that these otherwise despairing youth need to hear, and the forum for you to broadcast your voices is here, at your disposal.

All too often I have heard the question asked "what can we do?" Now that question has been answered with one of the most powerful endeavours launched here at TIME. We no longer have to ask "What can we do" but rather, we ask "When can we start?". We all have a responsibility to involve ourselves in the preservation of the lives of our peers. Be they gay or straight, trans or cis, we all have one common bond with them. We all have a passionate desire to live, and the last thing any of us needs is someone sending us messages that we do not deserve to live.

Christiana has teamed up with Tyler Tuccio for this passionate and committed endeavor. We hope all of you who visit this place can have an appreciation for the magnitude of this project. participation is simple, just show our support in the comments in the bottom, and let's make a difference I for one welcome both Christiana and Tyler again to TIME, and transinclusivemovement.com