Welcome to The Trans Inclusive Moderate Empathy Movement.

There is but one way to be on the right side of history, and that way is to stand up and write the history.

This community will stand our ground at California State University, Fullerton on April 18th, 2017 We will not accept less than 5/5. Join us in California and stand your ground with us!

Dark clouds are beginning to form in the nation's capital in ways that pose a serious threat to everything that sensible Americans hold near and dear. Through a surge of white nationalism by the alt-Right, we see this in behaviors and attitudes more typically found in other parts of the world. The Transgender Inclusive Moderate Empathetic movement (T.I.M.E.) stands in solidarity with others to challenge this cancer on the body politic. T.I.M.E.was founded to establish and promote the dissemination of positive, accurate information about and depictions of transgender and gender non-binary persons, to vigorously combat trans-malevolence and queer-phobia, and to secure equity for the same in civil and human rights. We seek for ourselves nothing more than the rights of self-determination that are embodied in the phrase, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

Indeed, recent pronouncements in Washington, D.C. by the president-elect and his advisors should be of enormous concern to anyone of good will. In these increasingly harshtimes in which we live, other marginalized groups have numerous reasons to be concerned for their personal safety and well-being. Following the general election, law-abiding individuals have suffered physical or verbal assaults or lost their lives at the hands of extremists seeking to intimidate and oppress those who, in their eyes, are "inferior"and outsiders. If history is any indicator of trends, we can expect such bullying and hate-speech to escalate to unprecedented proportions, negatively affecting Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ persons, immigrants, all women, and anyone who actively demonstratesa commitment to equality and justice for all.

As one means of meeting the challenges ahead, T.I.M.E. solicits support for a rally and a call for broad-based coalition building. Subject to securing site permissions, it will take place on the Cal State Fullerton campus, Tuesday, April 18, 2017. This rally has nothing to do with typical partisan politics. Rather, it is a call to action for all, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, able status, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religious/spiritual/philosophical belief, political affiliation, social class, economic status, educational achievement, or other self-defining categories. In one voice, we must condemn the hatred and violence that is appearing with increasing frequency in this nation. In no uncertain terms, we must reject the exclusionary rhetoric of those trying to force a reshaping of the United States on their narrow, myopic terms. We must denounce the potential appointment of officials that spew anti-Semitism and others seeking to implement policies that target gays, the undocumented, transgender people, or others. To be truly effective, it is imperative that we are ever mindful of our interconnectedness, reaffirming our shared humanity, and assisting one another in projects that improve living standards, champion social and economic justice, build a sense of community, enhance cultural diversity, protect the natural environment, and respect time-honored modes of governance in civil society. Centuries ago, Edmund Burke once observed, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Now is the time to stand our ground and vigorously squelch hatred and violent intolerance! On April 18, 2017, please join T.I.M.E. and others of good will to right the ship. We can do this, and we must!